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The Queen and diners at one of her favourite London restaurants "Sarastro's" in Drury lane

Corporate Entertainment

Why not invite Royalty for your special occasion? Make it a unique experience with Her Majesty meeting and greeting your guests. This is exceptionally popular with visitors from abroad. Photograph opportunities not to be missed!

Her Majesty might be persuaded to award your business a Royal Patronage and it has been known for her, quite spontaneously, to confer a Knighthood upon an unsuspecting guest!

If you were thinking of a more structured event, whatever the occasion, we can design a programme to complement your ideas.



After Dinner Speaking and Ladies’ Luncheon Clubs

“Queen Victoria Unwrapped” Particularly within the refined, confidential atmosphere of a ladies’ group, Her Majesty feels confident to reminisce: her adoration of Albert and the other men in her life; her abhorrence of breast feeding and babies, and her great interest in the spirit world. Questions are welcome – but a word of warning – tread diplomatically if mentioning a certain Mr Brown!


Lord Edmonton meets the Queen at the House of Commons,
book launch "Fifty Over Fifty"