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Welcome to the website of Her Majesty Queen Victoria, of Great Britain and Ireland, and Empress of India, 1837 – 1901.


Greetings to you all from time traveller and historical re-enactor Sylvia Strange. I have been a professional re-enactor for 13 years, concentrating exclusively on Victoria. With my knowledge of the Queen's personal life, plus the historical background of the time, I am able to undertake a wide variety of engagements with confidence and adaptability.

These include: -
  • Promotional Meeting & Greeting
  • Corporate Entertainment
  • History Festivals
  • After Dinner/Lunch Speaking
  • Children’s “Hands on History”
  • Opening Special Events

I am quite at ease with impromptu speeches and media interviews, and can attend your event as “a one woman show” or be accompanied by a Lady or Lord in Waiting. I always bring along my own dresser, and enough Victorian artefacts to “set the scene” if this is what the event requires.

Meanwhile, you may be interested to read this short biography of Queen Victoria, and then click onto the crown buttons for more specific details of my involvement.


The Queen and Lady Ponsonby
taking the air at Cardiff Castle




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