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Welcome to her Majesty Queen Victoria  -
Empress of India 1819 - 2008 


Welcome to you all from Her Majesty Queen Victoria – time traveller and re-enactor. Described as “frighteningly realistic”, Sylvia Strange has been a professional re-enactor for seven years, concentrating exclusively on Victoria. With her knowledge of the Queen’s personal life plus the historical background of the day, she is able to undertake a wide variety of engagements with confidence and adaptability.

These include: -
  • Meeting and greeting and corporate entertainment
  • Children's living history educational presentations
  • After lunch/dinner speaking
  • Appearances at special celebrations, i.e. birthdays, barmitzvah
  • Historical pageants
  • Fundraising programs - tea with the queen
  • Commercial advertising
  • Opening events or presiding over banquets, making speeches

Her Majesty is quite at ease with impromptu speeches and unscripted radio and television interviews.


The Queen and Lady Ponsonby
taking the air at Cardiff Castle